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RPG Site is the foremost source for information and critique of the role-playing video game genre - but the nature of the site doesn't stop there. It's a one-stop shop not just for RPG information, but for RPG fans.

About RPG Site

Founded in 2006 by long-time alumni of niche gaming communities, RPG Site was created with one clear-cut mission in mind: To be a one-stop destination for coverage of all games in the broader world of role-playing video games. It doesn't matter of it's East or West, Console, Handheld, PC or Mobile, Paid or Free - if it's RPG, or remotely close to it, we cover it. We aim to be the only resource any RPG-loving gamer will need for information and opinion on their favorite genre. We know the genre inside-out and lavish every game we cover with only the best and most knowledgeable quality writing about it.

Much of our audience is just like us - they know RPGs and they know what they like. We’re here to serve the hardcore and the RPG newcomer alike - and hope to provide guidance on just how to squeeze the most this incredible genre. We aim to be the best at what we do - and what we do is RPGs.

RPG Site's team is headed up by decades-long games media veteran Alex, and programming sage Mike, who cut their website-running teeth together in hectic world of Final Fantasy fan sites. They're joined by twins Adam and Bryan - experts on different genres and types of RPG - plus many other experienced writers including James, Josh 1, Josh 2 (we'll let them fight over who is which), Cullen, Chao, and Kite. Collectively, the team has a tremendous amount of experience, and in-depth, super-fan level knowledge of every corner of the role-playing game genre. Learn more about the team on the Staff Page.

RPG Site is proudly independent. Its parent companies are solely owned by the site's original founders. Formally, the site is owned by Mist Network Limited and operated by Double Black Limited, both out of the United Kingdom. For more on the site, its policies and its parent companies, please view our Privacy & Legal and Ethics Statement pages. 

What counts as an RPG?

This is a difficult question for us to answer. In truth, the games we cover on RPG Site are decided by our editorial team on a case-by-case basis. The RPG genre continues to diversify away from its tabletop roots into a wide variety of video game styles, while RPG elements are nudging their way into practically every genre - so where do we draw the line?

Our key focus is and always will be games with a direct evolutionary link back to the old pen-and paper RPGs of old. Obvious examples of these include Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, Persona, World of Warcraft and so on. We believe games in this broad family tree are particularly likely to include at least some of the following:

  • A strong narrative which asks the player to embody and 'become' a character.
  • Significant character growth as the game progresses.
  • Statistical, number-based character skill progression.
  • Hit points, experience points & levels.
  • A degree of player choice within the narrative, character progression or both.
  • Management of equipment & skills that effect the player character(s).

We're all too aware this isn't an exhaustive list. Some games we cover have only a few of these features, and a scant number barely scrape one. Ultimately, we bow to two greater questions - first, does it feel like an RPG? Second, is it a game our audience will be interested in?

As RPG fans ourselves, we make the call on if certain games that are barely an RPG or almost an RPG are worth covering, and we also listen to your feedback. For example, we didn't cover The Legend of Zelda until users on Twitter saw fit to band together and ask us to do so! Visual novels usually have little to no pure RPG elements, but what we've learned over the years is that our audience really enjoys reading about them. There have been many cases like this.

Essentially, we'll quite happily cover titles with few or even no RPG elements that we feel will still strongly appeal to the RPG fan - we're a site for RPG players, not a site specifically and narrowly about 'true' RPGs only.

If there's a title you feel we should be covering but are not, feel free to get in touch with us via the contact page or social media. If you plan to get in touch to complain or berate us about covering a game that 'isn't' an RPG, don't bother, as we are unlikely to pay it any heed for the reasons outlined above.

How do your Review Scores work?

RPG Site scores games and other products it reviews on a scale from one to ten in solid numbers. No increments or half-points - just ten straight possible scores. We define them as follows:

  1. A bad game. We wouldn't recommend it under any circumstances.
  2. A bad or broken game where any potential redeemable qualities are hidden beneath numerous flaws.
  3. Scarce good ideas particularly poorly executed; a game that might have potential to be good marred by bugs or flaws in some area or another.
  4. Just slipping in below the point of being average, this is a game that misses the chance to fulfill its potential.
  5. Average. Not a stinker, as some might have you believe - middle of the road and worth a play for some, depending on personal tastes.
  6. An otherwise decent game, flaws and issues hold it back. Perhaps one to wait for a sale on, it's an enjoyable experience but won't be winning any awards.
  7. Slight flaws and issues are evident, but this is still an above average and quality game with fun to be had that's worth a look.
  8. A high-quality experience and a great example of what gaming and the genre can be, but with some caveats and shortcomings attached.
  9. A potential Game of the Year contender, a nine comes within swiping distance of fulfilling any potential we see in it. Easy to recommend.
  10. The best of the best. No game we've seen yet is 'perfect,' but a game that scores a ten is viewed by us as being as close as is possible to that goal. Recommended without hesitation.

Numbers only exist for ease of use and summary. The text remains the heart and soul of all our reviews - if you want to know why a game earned a particular score or what separates two sevens or two eights and so on, we suggest you read the review text in full.

While the RPG Site score is there to represent the feelings of the site, it is worth keeping in mind that any review is typically carried out by one member of staff. While their work is edited, proof read and questioned extensively, their opinion is theirs. You may not agree with it - and that's a good thing! Really, it is.

How do I know which version of a game you reviewed?

The versions of a game we have tested for review are always listed at the bottom of reviews. These are listed in what we believe to be priority order: the main version we used for review will be listed first, the second most tested second, etcetera. (For instance, "Versions Tested: Super Nintendo (Primary), Genesis, Game Boy").

If we haven't tested a title extensively on a platform, it will not be noted as 'tested' on a review at all, and that review should be considered only valid for the versions tested. RPG Site endeavors to see titles it reviews to their closing credits, though precise hours played will always vary by game. Given the open-ended nature of this genre, we consider a title's critical story path to be a crucial component of any review alongside a decent sampling of side quests and optional activities to broadly consider the quality of the optional content. For smaller secondary reviews of console/PC ports of an already-released game, we test the new version considerably and offer impressions, but we may not always enforce our otherwise usual requirement for the reviewer to see the credits and may point readers to check out an earlier review.

In the event we test multiple versions of a game and find one to be significantly different due to performance problems or other changes unique to one platform, we will often post a separate review for that platform. A quick search of the site should allow you to see if there is a review relevant to your platform of choice specifically.

In the case of some titles we may post a 'second look' at the same version, or there may be an import review of a game's original Japanese Release and a domestic review from two different writers, months apart. Scores may vary, and we encourage you to look over both reviews.

I've spotted an error on the site!

We do our best to be accurate and bug-free at all times, but we're not perfect! Please report any errors to us via our contact page, or alternatively through social media.

Where else can I follow you folks?

We have several social media accounts that you can follow. For posterity, our official channels can be found through the following links:

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